ITV pundits come close to blows over penalty row

Part three: Escalation

Souness: The interpretation of the new law is….

Keane: That’s my opinion, that’s why I’m here.

Souness: The new law is, the new law is.

Keane: I’m here to give my opinion…

Souness: The new law…

Keane: I’m here to give my opinion and that’s not a penalty.

Souness (passive aggressive tone): I’ve listened to you say that ten times, do you want to say it again?

Keane: I don’t think it’s a penalty…

Souness: Well let someone else speak

Keane: Go ahead

Souness: You will learn a lot more if you listen rather than talk all (appears to just about himself saying f—— on air) the time.

Keane: There is plenty of air time, no problem, go ahead.

Souness: He’s not looking at the ball, the referee is directive, we have to accept that’s a penalty. We have seen a very different Argentina today, it’s not the Argentina I expected to see, they have been pragmatic and I think they have another gear to go to. If they have to go to that gear I think we are going to see it.

Keane: We are going to see a record number of penalties in this World Cup, a record number of penalties…

Souness: I thought we had moved on from that.

Keane: It’s not a penalty.

Part four: Moving on with Joe Cole

Woods: Really quickly Joe, do you think it’s a penalty?

Cole: I think it was a penalty.

Woods: Don’t make eye contact with Roy, don’t do it… (nervous laugh)


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