Mazda hints at electric MX-5 in revised EV strategy

Christian Schultze, director of research and operations for Mazda Motor Europe, explained in a video published last year: “Based on the different customer needs for individual mobility, the local driving conditions, and the carbon footprint of available fuels and electricity, we aim to offer the best suitable powertrain.

“Accordingly, there is no ‘most sustainable’ solution for the powertrain choice that suits all customers in all locations across the globe.”

This strategy began with the MX-30, the company’s first battery-electric car, launched in early 2021. The flagship CX-60 SUV followed this year with a petrol plug-in hybrid powertrain, and mild-hybrid diesel versions are set to arrive. inearly 2023.

The plan will continue with a petrol range-extender version of the MX-30, resolving the limited 124-mile range for which the pure-electric version is often criticized. Afterwards, a new model called CX-80 – an extended variant of the CX-60 with three rows of seats – will arrive as the brand’s new flagship.

“We believe that a multi-solution approach will be effective,” Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto told reporters today.

In the second phase of the strategy, between 2025 and 2027, Mazda will introduce a new hybrid system and additional battery-electric models “as regulations become more stringent, especially in Europe”.

This is in reference to the Euro 7 emissions proposals made on 10 November, which will lower NOx emissions by 35% compared with Euro 6 and cut tailpipe particulates by 13%.

The rules have drawn fire across the industry. Oliver Zipse, head of lobby group the ACEA and CEO of BMW, said: “Unfortunately, the environmental benefit of the [European] Commission’s proposal is very limited, while it greatly increases the cost of vehicles.” Meanwhile, Ford’s Europe head of its Model E electric division, Martin Sander, said it would undermine the shift to electric models.

In the final phase of Mazda’s revised strategy, starting in 2028, the company will launch an assault to electrify all of its cars.

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