Steam Survey Results Start 2023 With Linux Marketshare Flat

Valve has just published their Steam Survey results for the month of January. Apple macOS has eaten a tiny bit of marketshare from Windows while on a percentage basis there is no change for Linux.

Valve’s December results for the Steam Survey had Linux at 1.38% and that percentage was maintained for January. Apple macOS ate 0.13% marketshare away from Windows to end the month with a 2.61% marketshare while Microsoft’s OS continues commanding overall at 96.02%.

Steam survey results

Meanwhile last January is when Steam on Linux had a 1.06% marketshare, just prior to the Steam Deck units first shipping last February. Since then the Steam on Linux marketshare has continued to increase thanks to the amazing success of the Steam Deck.

Steam survey results

When looking at the Linux metrics, SteamOS Holo that powers the Steam Deck commands 22.08% of the Steam Linux gaming population — so roughly a quarter of all Linux gaming with Steam is done using the Steam Deck one year after launch.

Steam survey results

Some other interesting Linux survey results for January put AMD with a 55% marketshare against Intel while the Radeon RX 480 Polaris GPU remains the most popular for Linux gamers after the custom GPU found within the Steam Deck. Meanwhile on Windows the survey results put Intel with a 67% marketshare to AMD at 32%.

The January results for the Steam Survey can be found on


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